Post-Production: The New Remote Possibility


2018’s NAB was riveting as always, showcasing the latest post-production gadgetry.

Editing/Coloring software advancements, creative production, cloud manipulation, boosted workstations, AI channeling, what a list! Highlights included new systems by Avid; Adobe Sensei AI; camera formats by Sony, Canon, and RED.  And, of a special interest to +DISPATCH: Foundry’ Athera, Z Cam E2, and Da Vinci.


Foundry’s cloud VFX platform, Athera, which does already form one part of our vast remote creative arsenal.

Secured by Google and Amazon cloud servers, we implement Athera among many other exciting platforms to teleport right into the workspaces of our valued clients.With this vital tech we match the outputs of even the biggest studios. Wherever we are, we’re right there with you. And when we’re done, we’re out of your hair until you want us back.




The Z Cam E2 is Real – 4K/120fps with a 4/3 Sensor in a Box!

This 2nd generation camera BOASTS incredible specs at a reasonable price. Impossibilities of a couple years back are now standard practice. Continued cloud innovation means brands can call upon us to handle reams of 8K without a hitch – no matter were on earth they are. 




Davinci Resolve with FUSION


Remote practicality in future editing, grading, and visual effects is booming. Davinci continues to wow us every year with there ever expanding offerings and services.  Being a remote studio and being able to pack a remote color studio essentially into a labtop makes each of our creative assassins MOBILE and able to deliver a swifter, slicker product than is conceivable by traditional teams. This upgrade by Davinci allows us to tap into the Node based functions we are all familiar with and provide our clients with even more powerful coloring results.


Distributed team perfection is our ethos, the potential for our clients is endless, and we’re sure to be dipping significantly into our equipment budget following another fantastic show.