This is the announcement of a band, newly formed in LA, called Cannonball. Two Chicago-bred artists have crossed genre paths to release a joint project unlike any of their past individual works. Indie/PBRnB rapper Drainhead Macintosh, & multi-instrumentalist/rock n’ roll songwriter Matt Loewy teamed up this past summer to bring new refreshing sounds to the world. We love when artists refuse to pigeonhole themselves and decide to create whatever art inspires them at the moment.

Drain recently wrote a song for Curren$y and Black Cobain that was featured on Black’s “Whole Time Vol. 2” mixtape. Loewy, after a stint on American Idol, has been writing songs behind the scenes for local pop & rock artists around LA.

We’re super excited to debut the first song and video from Cannonball here on Dispatch, “Big Fantastic”: