Branded Content

Cable network Fuse Media is debuting Fuse Collab, its new branded content studio.  It will be an in-house creative, talent and event marketing division, and the news has gotten us thinking about the ongoing rise of branded content.


What was once the confusing new kid on the block is racking up some serious numbers with 2017 reports showing browsing times on website pages up from 66 seconds in 2016 to 73.



2018’s massive potential for branded content development will be realized in advancing the value of brand awareness, as brands realize they are not competing with other ads but studios like HBO and Netflix.



Tablet users perform the longest scrolling completion (81%) over desktop (75%) or mobile (72%), and conversion rates at 1.15% are over twice US display ad average! So the field is maturing well, and we aren’t alone in recognizing this.





“Fuse has 65 Million followers and is set to unveil 7 new shows based around millennials.

The move enables Fuse to integrate ad sales and drastically boost revenue with their execs estimating the company to sell over 60% of their national ad inventory, looking to better their 2017-18 national ad revenue of $23 million. We’re waiting for news on these fronts with even more interest than their seven new upcoming shows during 2018-19.