Being a part of Air Max history

When +DISPATCH had the chance to work with VT pro and be a part of Air Max Day 2017, we knew we had to go big and blow away the patrons of the La Brea pop up when they first entered the experience. As always, the creative assassins at +DISPATCH brought their A-Game to match the amazing unveiling of the Legendary Air Max in honor of its 20th anniversary.  When it comes to events, Nike doesn’t do boring.

Walking on Air

Eyes in the Sky

When you work with a company like NIKE, creating something epic is the only option.
Air La Brea is about pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We wanted people to feel inspired the minute they walked through the door. To capture this bold concept visually, +DISPATCH created an innovative, fully-3D floor display, so everyone who came in got to feel like they were walking on air.
Thanks to our design and 3D team, working round the clock we were able to come up with 40+ design iterations for the entry way. Nike, ended up selecting a realistic 3d version of a birds eye view of Iconic La Brea that would immerse and shock the viewer upon arrival.

Epic By Design

To create the jaw-dropping aerial view of Los Angeles we started by photographing the street from an aerial view.
Then recreated the imagery in 3D using Maya and rendered them in Arnold. To add an extra layer of realism, we then took the fully-3D world duplicated it and textured everything to give it depth. Last we added Nikes signature branding and animation to bring the walk on air to life.
The result was an immersive experience that captured the spirit of Nike Air Max.


Building ConceptsFrom The Ground Up

Original and Immersive Design

For the La Brea event, our designers went through 32 different designs for the entrance room over four days. At +DISPATCH, we never settle for the first idea – only for the best.

Creating something epic is the only option.