AKQA SF, wanting to do something truly special for Jordan's 30th anniversary during All-Star Weekend, came to Los York, Brand Jordan's production arm, to make something amazing and interactive.  Working with Los York, our team helped shoot live-action plates, design the user experience. \\
Then, with brand-specific animation and clean design along with the live action, we worked with experiential team Satis&Fy to put all the pieces together to work seamlessly in New York. The result: a totally immersive basketball skills test where you, the player, get to recreate one of Jordan's three greatest shots.  From his First Shot at UNC to his All-Star Game moment, to The Last Shot on the Bulls, visitors were surrounded by the sights and sounds of the era as an LED floor leads them through the exact steps and moves of Michael Jordan.

“Voted the #1 Experience of All-Star Weekend by ESPN.com”

Our team was organized worldwide in multiple distributed teams and helped launch an extremely successful brand campaign for AKQA, Los York and the Jordan Brand.


To ensure we reconnected a younger demographic with Jordan’s shoes,

We handpicked a group of creatives, production teams, 3D artists and vendors from our LA and NY motion graphics and editing teams to create a seamless experience for fans to continue the conversation of the Jordan Brand.

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